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Marine’s inner struggle is the fight of his life

By Thomas Brennan The Daily News, Jacksonville, N.C. Published: April 8, 2014 It was a sensation that Marine Staff Sgt. Javier Jimenez could physically feel: the weight of life was literally crushing him. “You start running out of air, … [Read more]

Suffering in Silence: Psychological Disorders and Soldiers in the American Civil War

By SARAH A. M. FORD Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Did soldiers of the American Civil War suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological disorders? It has only been several decades since mental illness attributed to war … [Read more]

Marine battled back, yet fell to suicide

    By Gretel C. Kovach MARCH 28, 2014 *GRAPHIC LANGUAGE He rarely spoke of it. Not to his family or best buddies, fellow Marines or medical staff watching over him. But Cpl. Farrell Gilliam had endured far more by the time he … [Read more]

Attorney, family wish troubled veteran had received help sooner

BY JASON KOTOWSKI Californian staff writer jkotowski@bakersfield.com Steven Cordova rose to the rank of lieutenant in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and served in the U.S. Navy and later with the U.S. Army Reserve … [Read more]

Iraq war vet introduces military suicide bill

By Ashley Fantz, CNN The first Iraq war combat veteran to serve in the U.S. Senate introduced legislation on Thursday aimed at reducing the number of military veterans who commit suicide. No matter the cost of the measures urged in the sweeping … [Read more]

Ending it all by their own hand: Corps probes Marine suicides

By: Brett Kelman and Drew Schmenner The (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun As the sun rose over the sleepy desert town of Yucca Valley, Sgt. Martin Francis Scahill stood in his backyard, a black 12-gauge shotgun pressed against his chin, a single … [Read more]

How to know the signs of TBI

Army.mil WIESBADEN, Germany -- Blurry vision, dizziness, mood swings, sleep problems and memory problems: these are all symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, and can last from a few days to a lifetime, depending on the treatment and … [Read more]

Vet Launches Suicide Prevention Campaign: ‘I Am A Suicide Survivor … And I Am Not Embarrassed By It’

Out on a mission one day in northern Iraq in 2009, a convoy of gun trucks grinds through rising dust. In the turret of the lead truck, Spc. Andrew O'Brien, 21, crouches behind his .50-caliber machine gun. His job: to watch for IEDs, improvised … [Read more]

$250K awarded to help Alabama Veterans suffering from PTSD

David Lynch Foundation Announces $250,000 Grant to Teach Transcendental Meditation to Alabama Vets with PTSD. Birmingham, Alabama, The David Lynch Foundation (DLF) has announced a $250,000 grant to provide Alabama veterans suffering from … [Read more]

The Marlboro Marine: 2004 and Today

Two lives blurred together by a photo. By Luis Sinco, Times Staff Photographer Times photographer Luis Sinco made James Blake Miller an emblem of the war. The image would change both of their lives and connect them in ways neither … [Read more]

10 Actions for Responding to a Veteran in Crisis

For more than a decade now, our country has been at war in two very different locations, with very different missions. In that time, more than 2.2 million troops have deployed and served in those bloody conflicts. They have endured unimaginable heat, … [Read more]

Bush hosts summit on helping veterans transition

DALLAS (AP) — Efforts must be made to end the stigma attached to post-traumatic stress disorder, which can hinder military veterans' transition into civilian life and employment, former President George W. Bush said Wednesday. Addressing a summit … [Read more]

Suicides in the Army declined sharply in 2013

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Suicides in the Army fell by 19 percent in 2013, dramatically reversing a rising trend plaguing the Army for almost 10 years. There were 150 suicides among soldiers on active-duty status last year, down from a record 185 in … [Read more]

Report: Suicide rate spikes among young veterans

WASHINGTON -- The number of young veterans committing suicide jumped dramatically from 2009 to 2011, a worrying trend that Veterans Affairs officials hope can be reversed with more treatment and intervention. New suicide data released by the … [Read more]

Message from Secretary Hagel on Suicide Prevention Month

The Department of Defense has no more important responsibility than supporting and protecting those who defend our country and that means we must do everything possible to prevent military suicide. As we observe Suicide Prevention Month, the entire … [Read more]

The War Within: Treating PTSD

CBS News-60 Minutes gets a rare look inside new therapy sessions that are changing the lives of vets who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder The videos from the 60 Minutes interviews are exactly what veterans are going through today. We … [Read more]


WASHINGTON (AP) - Suicides across the military have dropped by more than 22 percent this year, defense officials said, amid an array of new programs targeting what the Defense Department calls an epidemic that took more service members' lives last … [Read more]

A Sharp Knife For A Young Life

One year ago today, I looked in my younger brother’s eyes before departing on his trek to St. Simons Island, Georgia to visit our parents, and said “Mills, I love you. I’m glad you’re my brother and I want you to stay strong and remember that we all … [Read more]

The Art of Healing

The Art Of Healing begins August 1, 2013 “The Art of Healing,” a collaboration with Hidden Wounds, a non-profit aiming to provide peace of mind and comfort for military personnel suffering combat stress injuries and other postwar challenges, is … [Read more]

FOX54 Special Report: Help for Military with “Hidden Wounds”

FOX54 Special Report: Help for Military with "Hidden Wounds" By Jake Wallace - bio | email This year brought one of the worst months on record for military suicides. In July the rate doubled the amount of suicided for … [Read more]

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